Sunday School Bible Study


Fox River Baptist Church is engaged in a 3-year study of the Answers Bible Cirriculum, which is a full-featured, chronological Sunday school program.  Its 156 lessons are synchronized across 7  age groups from preschool to adults.  Each group covers Genesis through Revelations and learns the same material - but at different levels of depth - empowering exciting and easy discussion for the entire family.

Quarter 2: God is Creator & Redeemer

April 16 - Easter Break
April 23 - Chapter 12:  The Hearts of Man
TBD - Quarter 2 Review


Quarter 3: God is Faithful  (Order Books Now, Start: TBD)

Over 13 weeks we will continue our study of Genesis.  We'll answer questions such as:  Did the Flood of Noah's day cover the entire earth?  Was the Ark large enough to house all the animals onboard?  Can the incident at the Tower of Babel be believed?  We'll also begin to look at Abraham - the amazing promoses God made to him as well as his place as the father of the nation of Israel (and the father of all true believers).  And we will see, once again, that the Bible can be trusted and that wwhat we see in God's world confirms what we read in God's Word.