About Us

Fox River Baptist Church
Welcomes You!


Our church family would be delighted to have you join us to worship! We want you to consider yourself among friends who care.  We believe that the church exists for the four-fold purpose of celebrating, cultivating, communicating and caring, all to the glory of God.

CELEBRATING LIFE IN CHRIST, (exaltation). We recognize that we don't belong to ourselves after having been purchased by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we desire to exalt Christ for who He is; our Lord, and celebrate all that He has provided for us as Savior. This is accomplished both corporately and individually.

CULTIVATING PERSONAL GROWTH IN CHRIST (edification). Everyone has growth areas and at Fox River Baptist Church we desire to provide opportunities and resources to help everyone grow in Christ. This requires a strong program of Bible teaching and of training in discipleship and personal evangelism. The aim of this life-related teaching is not only to challenge the intellect, but also to train people how to effectively live out their commitment to Jesus Christ.

COMMUNICATING JESUS CHRIST TO OTHERS (evangelism). Bringing other people to personal faith in Christ was the dominant theme of His final days on Earth. He wants the Good News not only to be preached, but also to be received by people who then become active members of local congregations.

CARING FOR OTHERS (extension). We endeavor to show the love and actions of Christ to those in the Body of Christ, our community and the world. In very practical ways, we desire to extend Christ's ministry of compassion and prophetic protest against evil to our society.